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SI's South Bend depot inventory online?

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  • SI's South Bend depot inventory online?

    Has SI made any part of their South Bend stock internet searchable or added the SB inventory to their catalog or do you need to call SI to check for a part that the former SASCO stocked.

    Jeff T.

    ps. Did they ever figure out what all they has after the SASCO purchase?
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    Their catalog is pdf format and available online but, the new catalog is not yet released. If you go to their site you can open the version they released last year. You can bet Ed's busting a gut to include everything he can in the new edition; scheduled for release very soon. It's no small task. In the meantime, if there's something you need, by all means give them a call. Ed will have a better grasp of the inventory than SASCO did.

    Correct part numbers will be your best friend. Identify what you need first, utilizing the factory body and chassis catalogs.
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      I have ordered a couple things this winter that came from South Bend. I just called Greenfield with part numbers in hand. They called me back to let me know what they did or did not have.
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        Inquired concerning their new catalogue at York. They said it would come out this summer.


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          I have been calling them (Greenfield) for 2 days and all I get is a busy signal. Anybody have a phone # for South Bend?


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            Originally posted by stevo5671 View Post
            I have been calling them (Greenfield) for 2 days and all I get is a busy signal. Anybody have a phone # for South Bend?
            Don't have a phone yet in South Bend. If you call the old SASCO number you will hear a recording that "This is now SI..." Still have to call Greenfield with parts inquires. The parts in South Bend are still being sorted for the new catalog. It's a big job to do but the catalog (and a phone number) will be out soon.
            Chris Dresbach


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              I went by there in November and was amazed at how huge that warehouse is, and how many gazillions of parts are stacked on the shelves. It may take thousands of man-hours to just computerize the inventory, after it is made and determined to be accurate. That warehouse is bigger than the O-Reillys distribution warehouse that is here.