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1954 Coupe Paintline

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  • 1954 Coupe Paintline

    Started adding some brightwork to the coupe today. Looks like the paintline transition between the body and the top is off. Where does the transition take place? In line and on center with the mounting holes for the Studebaker script emblem?
    Sorry didn't have my camera handy today, but can post a pic tomorrow, if necessary.

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    That's correct.
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      Yes. The color break goes right down the row of 3 holes for the emblem pegs. When you get to the edge of the window in the back, it then goes at a angle so its perpendicular to the curve of the window.

      This picture is poor (got a better one but not on this computer) but the circled area shows how the break goes up at a angle perpendicular to the curve right at the end of the script.

      This is for a '53 tho and perhaps not the same for a '54?
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      Jeff in ND


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        This is one of those details that can test the sanity of people who are sticklers for authenticity. The paint line on my Canadian built 54 Starliner is straight, just below the mounting holes and lines up with the bottom edge of the rear window stainless trim. I'm sure there must be cars which were two toned after they left the factory as well.

        As another example, all the information I've seen says that the wheels on two toned 53-54 cars were always body colour. The wheels on mine are roof colour.



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          Back through the centerline of the script holes and then up at an angle to the closest point of the rear window.
          Page 106 of "Studebaker's Finest" shows a picture of what appears to be close to correct.
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            That's what I meant about testing people's sanity. Using "Studebaker's Finest" as a source for authenticity would certainly establish the angled line as correct for a US built car. It would appear that it is not correct for a Canadian built one, though. Granted, I'm basing this observation on a single car, but my car still has its original paint and the line goes straight back.