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Boot for Avanti Convertible

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  • Boot for Avanti Convertible

    I am having a boot made for an 89 Avanti convertible but have no idea of how it is fastened to the car. There are two snaps on each side of the interior but no other snaps. The stainless trim at the top of the trunk is secured by countersink screws, are these supposed to be snaps? Any pictures would be helpful. Ken, Deltaville, Va .

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    On my 1987 Avanti convertible, that stainless trim at the top of the trunk is made to accept a plastic piece that slides under the stainless piece. That plastic piece is attached to the back and sides of the boot. At the front of the boot is a velgrove strip that attaches to the velgrove piece on the back of the back seat. Nice set up, but the velgrove always separates under highway speeds. My car is in storage, so an cannot provide pictures.