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Studebaker Electric Wagon Restoration

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    I do find interesting the transition vehicles like this. Utterly impractical, but fun if one has the resources.

    My compliments on your wagon body, it's beautiful. Like Bob, I'm looking forward to new pics. However, as a dial-up member, would you be so kind as to start another thread? This one is getting difficult to load. Worth it, certainly, but difficult.

    Also, the dashboard (or simply dash) was called that because of the detritus that was 'dashed' up by the horse's feet. Thus it kept the majority of it off the driver and front passenger. Carriage, Buggy, and wagon drivers usually also wore a lap apron to catch the bit that got by the dash. As time went by, the practicality was less as important as the appearance. In your case though James, it was simple and to the point, though likely to keep what was thrown up by other vehicles, rather than non-existant horses. Keep up the good work and do please keep us posted!

    Out of curiosity; many of the very early auto-motive vehicles, like yours, had a place to attach a pole and evener in case of the need for a tow. Does yours have this provision?
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      Can't recall if you need a motor or not. Here's one:

      I'd try Coker for the tires. Corky seems like someone who could help. Until about 15 years ago we had Pope Tire here in Fresno that still vulcanized hard tires onto rims and other such work. He was the oldest indepedant tire dealer in California when he closed. Don't know what happened to his equipment.
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        Studebaker Electric Update 9/1/11

        Since the wagon did not have the chain and front gears when we got it, we decided to make something close, then realized a Studebaker 27 axle from aprox 50 years later would work nicely!!! Somewhat modified, but still Studebaker.
        Jerry being a retired machinist and "Craftsman With A Flair", did a great job of recycling some Studebaker metal for this hybred horseless wagon.

        Preparing a Stude Dana 27

        Make some gears with correct ratio, pitch and teeth for required power and speed.

        Mount it in the correct place.

        Adjustable Tension needed.

        Luckily we didn't have to make the chain from scratch for the non-removable ring gear on the brake drums.
        The brake drums have expandable shoes inside the metal drums, at a time when most wagons had a block of wood pressing on outside of wheels.
        Top speed was 5-10 mph with a range up to 40 miles.

        James Bell
        Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
        Bellingham, WA.


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          I'm looking forward to the October update on this project. The progress to date have been fantastic.



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            WOW !!!!! What a craftsman and a true piece of history. What a priveledge to get to watch this build.


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              I just thought I'd bump this thread and beg for a project update!


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                Originally posted by rockne10 View Post
                This 1908 Studebaker electric is displayed at the Swigart Museum in Huntingdon, Pa. It is one of two built to carry legislators through the subway between the U.S. Capitol building and legislative offices. I believe the other still exists but do not know where it is displayed. Still a resource for evaluating battery and motive power.

                I saw the other one at the Studebaker museum in SB. It was painted yellow. I don't know if it is still there or not. They were built to go either direction,because there was no room to turn around in the subway.
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                  It is still there. I put new tires on it a couple of years ago so it doesn't set on jack stands now. Jim


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                    Sorry there was been some delay on this wagon, while working on the #1 Avanti and several other projects.

                    The wheels are rather unique and expensive to make, but they have been shipped to Engels Coach Shop in Joliet, MT to be done by a Wheelwright.


                    This wagon was found in a barn near Hot Springs MT by a blacksmith and wagon restoration owner, who saved it to restore someday and passed away before it ever happened (sound familiar).

                    After spending a bunch of time trying to find solid White Rubber for the wheels, it seems to only be available in black.
                    If you look at old pictures of vehicles that age, they were white because Rubber is Naturally White!

                    We have acquired side lamps needing restoration.

                    As you can see they bottom cap on one is missing and a top is squashed down, but not for long!

                    The lamps are mostly brass that will clean up nicely, but time consuming.

                    The battery trays are being built with pull-out sliders and the frame is about ready to then be bead blasted and powder coated the original color of red.

                    They even had some larger military electric vehicles.

                    Will try to post more pictures next month.

                    Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                    Bellingham, WA.


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                      I seem to remember Coker offering solid white tires. I KNOW they are available b/c a lot of the Model T guys use them.
                      Chris Dresbach


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                        Try this link Chris:

                        There are 5 White tires listed.
                        John Clements
                        Christchurch, New Zealand


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                          I beleive we checked Coker and a few others who have white inflatable rubber tires (but will check again), but not solid.
                          The wagon has solid white rubber without inner tubes.

                          Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                          Bellingham, WA.


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                            Looks like they have several solid white tires available.
                            Chris Dresbach


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                              Solid rubber tires that are white.
                              I’m only seeing pneumatic tires.
                              The wagon wheels have a hot-set steel channel on the wheel to place a extruded (solid rubber) sheath with wires embedded in the rubber, that get tightened to grip the wheel.
                              I'll give them a call tomorrow and confirm.


                              Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                              Bellingham, WA.


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                                Hand built Craftsmanship; can't beat it. Quality you can be proud of, what a fine piece of workmanship you guys are performing for the rest of us. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person!
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