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Studebaker Electric Wagon Restoration

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    You just can't post too many pictures of this project.

    Great work, Please keep posting on a regular basis.



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      Amazing. The problem I have working with wood is that it's so darn hard to weld.


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        Originally posted by Michidan View Post
        Amazing. The problem I have working with wood is that it's so darn hard to weld.
        you're using the wrong welder. try the $89 one from china freight.

        beautiful work on the electric!!! here's "our" NC 1903:
        Click image for larger version

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          Hi James,
          Your doing an incredible job, I can't wait until I can come up there and see it. By the way, how's that little red 56 Transtar doing? There's many a day, when I wish I would have kept that little rig!

          sigpic1959 4E2D 498 Studebaker Scotsman 4X4


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            James - your restoration is inspiring!!!

            It will be a great day when you can ring the bell ( I'm assuming she has one)and then pilot her (does she have a name yet?). What a great history lesson for all who see her!!

            Here's hoping all goes smoothly.
            Roger Hill

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              Fantastic project. I am as impressed with the workmanship, shop, and the neatness of the work area as I am the vehicle.

              Please, don't ever show up around my man cave...I'd be too embarrassed!
              John Clary
              Greer, SC

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                Looks you made a good call as to the restoration shop~
                It is turning out to be quite an awesome machine!!!

                I can hardly wait to drive that thing...
                I do get to drive it, right?
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                  What a fantastic project. I'd love to see some more pictures as the restoration continues!


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                    Originally posted by studegary View Post
                    C. Studebaker from Ohio used to bring electric cars to SDC meets, but I do not remember any electric commercial vehicles. Someone else brought an electric to the first (1980, IIRC) Gettysburg SDC International.
                    You deserve a lot of credit for undertaking this project. What will propel it?
                    That person was Carroll Studebaker himself after showing his two Studebaker Electrics at a prior SDC International Internatinal at Indianapolis in 1976.

                    \"QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER\"


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                      Originally posted by HAWK64 View Post
                      That person was Carroll Studebaker himself after showing his two Studebaker Electrics at a prior SDC International Internatinal at Indianapolis in 1976.
                      I remember Carroll Studebaker's electric cars. The electric car at the 1980 Gettysburg Meet was a different car that was owned by (IIRC) Zimmerman. Of course, someone could check their old TWs to verify.
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                        July Update

                        Electric Wagon Update:

                        The "Dash Board" is completed (ever wonder where the name came from?).
                        They were also useful when dashing through the snow in a Studebaker sleigh.

                        Hand rails and supports were made.
                        Currently looking for correct headlight and electric bell that mounts under the dashboard.

                        The angled side boards were finished and body ready for paint.

                        The chassis and wheels were red.

                        Outside on frame dolly.
                        Correct rear wheels are not on frame yet.

                        Loading with fork lift.

                        Off it goes, to get the body painted!

                        They all had natural white rubber until later vehicles, when carbon black was added to the rubber.

                        Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                        Bellingham, WA.


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                          The only white tires appear to be for scooters or bicycles. Suggest you try Bridgestone or Michelin as they are likely the two biggest manufacturers and see what they suggest.
                          John Clements
                          Christchurch, New Zealand


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                            I had another thought, why not contact Diamondback Tires and explain your requirements. Perhaps they could obtain a suitable solid black tire and then vulcanize white rubber onto it making it white, as they do when making a whitewall tire.
                            John Clements
                            Christchurch, New Zealand


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                              Getting better looking everyday. Just wonderful.

                              I agree about covering the natural beauty of the wood, but it is truly a necessity for originality.

                              When I first noticed the steel rear wheels, I thought it was a clever design for extra traction. Good luck on finding tires for the restoration.

                              I'm looking forward to the next set of pics.


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                                Looking very good James, I can't wait to see it in person.
                                Second Generation Stude Driver,
                                Proud '54 Starliner Owner