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  • March '96 Turning Wheels

    Hi, Im looking for a copy of the March '96 Turning Wheels. If anyone has a spare copy they care to part with please drop me a line.
    Thank you.

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    Doug: If you are a SDC member, go into 'back issues' and order one. They have 21 available. stupak


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      Originally posted by stupak View Post
      Doug: If you are a SDC member, go into 'back issues' and order one. They have 21 available. stupak
      That's good news, Stuart; 21 copies being available. That's a good issue for Studebaker speed freaks.

      For anyone else interested, the March 1996 Turning Wheels feature article is my 7-page biography of Ted Harbit, with 15 period and contemporary photos. Also included is Dale McPhearson's 3-page, 12-photo article on the 1995 Studebaker Drags in Milan MI, associated with the 1995 SDC National Meet in Dearborn.

      Finally, that issue includes what would be Ron Hall's last contribution to Turning Wheels; his 5-page article on the 1995 Bonneville Speed Week, including 20 photographs. Sadly, Ron passed away February 2, 1996, just a couple weeks before the March 1996 Turning Wheels was published, so he did not see his last contribution in print.

      A small note on Ron Hall's passing was quickly stripped into his article just as the March issue went to press. Then, the May 1996 Turning Wheels was dedicated to Ron Hall and devoted to memories of his life and work. BP
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        Thanks Stupak. Im not a member at this time, just a junior.
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