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    Hey everybody I figure I'd introduce myself. My name's Rich and I'm new to the SDC. I actually bought my 1953 Commander Hardtop in 1985 and it has sat inside since last year when I decided that it was finally time to restore it. It's in great shape but was fitted with a '56 289 engine back in the 50's so I do not have the original motor. Everything else is original however as far as I've been able to tell. There was a Studebaker Dealership near my hometown in New Jersey and my dad was friends with the family. When the property was sold in 1985 the family contacted my dad and asked if he wanted to buy the car, it was still sitting in the showroom. My dad remembers the car when it was new so we jumped at the chance to buy it. It was a model the dealer used to display all the accessories so this one is loaded fully with every add on. As far as I know the car was never officially sold and the car remained at the dealership until I got it. It was driven and used hard as a hot rod back in the day but except for the engine it is a great example of classic '53. I have some questions and am excited to post some up in later threads. I'll try to get some pics up too.

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    Welcome to the Club! There are lots of answers to all your questions on this forum. We like pictures!
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      Welcome to the forum and looking forward to the pictures.
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        Welcome! Sounds like a great car. You can find answers aplenty here. Lots of good folks willing to help. Also, if you have not already done so, join the Studebaker Drivers Club (you can do that here) and your local chapter. Joining your local chapter will provide you with contacts right in your area. Again, welcome and I can't wait for the pictures.
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          What you have is what almost everyone here is drooling after. I bought mine in '59, it wasn't in good shape then. By the time I got around to restoring it in 2000 it was in really bad shape. We all envy you your good luck.

          Yes, we need pictures.


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            Thanks for the welcomes! I have to dig up some pictures when the car was complete. Right now the body is off and under going some repairs. Rust is very light and not a major concern which is a relief. The frame is finished having been completely disassembled, sandblasted, painted and reassembled with only a few new parts. Even though the engine is not original I wish to keep the car as original as possible. The only change I plan to make is a 12 volt conversion with an alternator. When the body is done it will get a fresh coat of the original Coral Red.


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              Welcome new member, i'm also a new member last month. So far i've only talked to a couple studebaker people on here. Your 53 sounds real nice. I've been amember of s.d.c. Sense 1992 i have a 55 2 dr. Sedan modified with 283 vete motor & late model amc paint. I drive my cars all over. I also have a 64 g.t. Hawk from az & ca. No rust ever. I'm not real at ease on here & only been on inter net year & learning. I may change my pass word "studebaker" it seemed ok wheni was signing in. But now i see where i should've picked another. Any one wants to talk studebaker. Let me know. I'm also president of ohio regional chapter & regional manager for ohio. And founder of summit studebaker event also in ohio each august. Good luck to all.