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    "GM and Ford knew what the general public wanted style wise and built them."

    In fact, GM & Ford practically TOLD the general public what they wanted. And, the public believed it. A popular phrase in those days was "As GM and Ford go, so goes the country." Most folks want to pick a winner, and they were the big winners back then. Let's not forget, by 1957 Studebaker was being perceived as a company in trouble. And, while I personally like the styling of the 57 Studebaker, I'm a little biased due to being a fan of the marque. The fact that they were different is what attracts me to them. The tri-five Chevies were in the third year of their most popular design ever, and everyone had reason to think their star would be on the rise for many more years. We have to contrast this with the perceived outlook for Studebaker. The 57 design was still based on the cabin section of the original 53 model. And, while the coupe/hardtop versions of the 53 design were generally well received, the 4 doors were not. The original 53's were noted for quality control issues such as doors flying open, weak frames, etc. Maybe these issues had been addressed by the second year of the design, but taken in combination with the death knell rumors floating around, it should be no wonder for anyone that 57 Chevies are perceived as being superior in nearly every way to 57 Studebakers. Is this fair to Studebaker? Well, maybe not, but by this time, Studebaker was perceived as having an array of models that were, with the possible exception of the Hawk line, seen as generally unappealing


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      I'm not really a fan of finny cars, for instance i prefer the 55 and 56 to the 57 chevs.
      I seem to be in the minority with that opinion tho.
      That being said i think the 57 Chev is better looking than the finned Studes, they just don't work for me.
      Also as previously noted,there was the 283, which was THE engine to have.