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Please give me your suggestion on best way to sell my parts

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  • Please give me your suggestion on best way to sell my parts

    I've posted here before regarding my 62 Lark 6 cyl to Chevy V8 conversion. As the weather gets warmer I'm thinking of the best way to sell the left over parts. I'd like for everything to go to a good home. I've corresponded with a few people about selling the engine, but nothing serious. Here's my dilemma:
    I will be replacing the entire drive train (engine, transmission, drive shaft and rear end). The car currently runs well and all is in good order except for fluid leaks both egine and trans. All parts are in the car. I have limited space, so I'd like to get rid of the parts this summer. I don't have the space and my wife doesn't have the patience to let me stack parts all over in our attached garage.

    So I'm trying to gauge both interest and opinions on how to best handle this. Am I better off trying to sell the whole drive train, the major components separately, or cannabalize everything. (ie if somone said they need the fuel pump or distributor I'd remove it and sell it.) Of course if anyone is intereseted in anything, please let me know. I know this stuff is not particularly rare or valuable, but it is almost 50 years old and everything is in good condition, and reproduction parts can be very expensive. Please let me know your thoughts. I live in a NW suburb of Chicago. I leasrned the term "CASO" on this board so maybe some of you CASO's can share your thoughts!Thanks

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    Most of this is too heavy to ship reasonably. I suggest keeping units, like engine, transmission, diff., intact.
    From where you reside, the best is probably to vend them at the Spring flea market in South Bend or York if you can get them together and get there soon.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

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        How many miles are on the engine and transmission? What is the ratio on the rear end? How much are you looking for? I need a 6 cyl motor and trans, but am limited on car funds. I live in MN and could drive out to pickup.


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          I bought the car last year and it shows 69,000 miles. I have no way of knowing, but it could be correct. The engine runs fine and doesn't smoke, trans shifts great. Rear end is a Dana 27, 3.31 ratio. not twin traction. If interested, private message me with your email and I'll send some pictures. Thanks.