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A Rare Stude at Next Mecum Auction

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  • A Rare Stude at Next Mecum Auction

    A '35 sedan delivery. At least I cannot remember seeing one before.
    Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom in Yuma, AZ

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    While a neat looking machine...
    It is custom built street rod (recently, as in the past few years)
    Nothing historical about it...
    (Hope he has a big air conditioner)
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      That is beautiful! Wow what a vehicle.

      Thanks for posting.



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        The front view is gorgeous.

        The rear 3/4 isn't good for me at all. Looking at the rear hatch curvature, I'm reminded of the PT Cruiser.

        Very nice build and a bunch of bucks invested, but tats don't work for me on my cars or my women, i.e. "the color of money"

        jack vines
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          Looks nice in profile, but that tailgate with its compound curved glass looks pirated from some late-model SUV, aesthetically botches the whole concept in my view.
          Yeah, certainly I'd take it, but I'd be looking around for a good metal-shaper to come up with a period appropriate tailgate with flat glass.


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            Originally posted by PackardV8 View Post

            The rear 3/4 isn't good for me at all. Looking at the rear hatch curvature, I'm reminded of the PT Cruiser.

            jack vines
            thats because thats a pt cruiser rear hatch.

            kinda cool that the body lines and such were that close.

            I dig it though.


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              The rear hatch fits well and probably works fine. I would do it more like stock because of the other stock trim on the rest of the car, but it is a beautiful car anyway.
              If you overtook that car on the highway you would be surprised as you got a look at the front.
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                You can still see the winged Chrysler emblem on the rear hatch. Hopefully it now has a Stude medallion in the center.
                (read it backwards)

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                  Could have made a sweet period correct SD or woodie if you were going to that much trouble to begin with.
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                    Beautiful work of art!

                    I took off work this afternoon, and went to the Leake auction in OKC. I spent considerable time admiring a hood ornament just like that one.
                    Dave Lester


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                      Very nice...what a lot of work in this car. Personally, I'd put exposed sidemounted hinges on the rear door to match the hinges on the front doors, lose the rear window wiper, and delete the graphics and side exhaust exits, and then run the exhaust all the way to the back of the car. I know this is nit-picking, but it's always fun to think what I would do to this if it was my car, but the color, stance, wheels, and concept has been nailed. Would fool a lot of people...thinking this was a factory produced car.
                      1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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                        That rod was built by Steve Detch of Woodstock, GA. When I visited him in Aug, he commented that the PT rear cruiser fit very easily. It is nicely done. He has a killer '51 Ford pickup (candy apple red metallic) in the sale also, which should bring the big bucks; and should because it is clear that major money was lavished on it.
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