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Second Chance for Precision Systems Index discount!

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  • Second Chance for Precision Systems Index discount!

    Good news, here!

    Precision Systems Index for Turning Wheels from 1972 inception through 2009 is again available at a 20% discount through February 21. 'Just got this e-mail annoucement from Lulu this morning:

    Gary Sanders and Bob Andrews posted how much they liked the Index when it arrived last week, having ordered from Lulu's 20% off sale two weeks ago...and, obviously, it arrived as advertised or they wouldn't have been able to report anything:

    If you missed the sale two weeks ago or were hesitant without further user reports, here's your second chance. BP
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    Thank you Bob! I got it this time and as a download, I like the search feature you get on the electronic versions. I have been looking for the issue of where I found the paint information for my 1950 Champ dash and there it was in the index that pointed me to the correct issue. I have been trying to refind that for several years on and off and now in a matter of minutes I got it. Just wonderful!!!