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Wheels, will these fit?

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  • Wheels, will these fit?

    I was asked to ask this question of the forum.
    A fellow club member has a 1960 Lark 4 door sedan.
    He has a set of Appliance wire wheels that are 15 by 7 inches
    They have a 3 1/2 inch backspacing with 205/70/R15 tires on them
    His question is: Has anyone used these wheels and do they fit?
    Any issues or problems?
    George King
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    64 Station Wagon with fixed roof (Canadian Car)

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    If he has the car, and he has the wheels, can he put them on and see?


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      George, I don't have my car here to measure, but if I remember correctly (always suspect) there is only about 3" to 3-1/2" of clearance from the rear hub to the fender lip of the rear quarters. The 7" rims will work on the front, but I think the consensus here has been not to go more than a 6" rim on the front. My backspacing on the rears had to be 5.25" on my 8" Torq Thrust rims with 60 series tires. The 205/70s may fit, but it will be pretty tight. That's probably not much help, sorry.

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        I have to agree put them on the car. I run ARW's 15by7 with 3 1/2in back spaceing the left rear had some minor rubbing and that was solved by rolling the fender with a baseball bat.