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    I was really disappointed that at the Andy Granatelli Museum web site, under "Successes" there is absolutely no mention of Studebaker or Avanti at Bonneville in 1963. From the actual website:
    1967 ASTOUNDED AUTO-RACING WORLD WITH MOST CREATIVE AND FUTURISTIC STP Turbine racecar #40- arguablythe most famous race car in history, which was completely Granatelli built and designed - on display in Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. (Over 30,000 articles written worldwide.)
    1963 Set 357 World Land Speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats, for details read
    1961 Athlete of the Month Award: Santa Monica Junior Chamber of Commerce
    300, Cadillac Eldorado and Avanti R series engines.


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      I think the second bullet covers the Stude Bonneville records also and the last bullet mentions the Avanti R engines.


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        Yes, the 2nd bullet does cover the Studebaker records, so why did he obviously leave the word "Studebaker" out?

        Also, regarding the prototype engines he "designed and built," he mentions Make & Model for Chrysler and Cadillac, but for the Studebaker Avanti he leaves the Studebaker out.

        I'm sure he wants to be remembered as Mr. 500 and lets face it, while under contract with Studebaker in an effort to shore up the marque, the company failed. Not exactly a "Success" maybe.

        EDIT: Maybe I side with Andy a little on this. Studebaker goes to him and offers him a strategic position in their high performance program. I'm sure he was thinking this would be a lasting endeavor rather than just a flash in the pan followed by termination. I wonder what they really promised him off the record...
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          Most guys that know Andy will tell you he is a big ego and like most guys with a big ego it is all about them. Doesn't make him a bad guy but it will lead to him getting the credit when he erects a museum for his glory.
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            Has anyone every been to this museum? Is there anything from the old Studebaker/Avanti/Bonneville days there?


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              Just stumbled onto this thread, not sure how I missed it. Thanks for all the pictures, that engine is amazing. Anyone have any more pictures of details on that second supercharger mount? Doesn't look too difficult to reproduce.



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                I belive the Granatelli museum in Auburn is closed. The contents have been moved to Indianapolis from what I understand. I will have more details later.

                Denny L