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Heat Wave Today, Ran the Cars for a While

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  • Heat Wave Today, Ran the Cars for a While

    After weeks of single digits and teens at night, 20s and 30s daytime, snow and ice, it hit 55 here today. Put me in the mood to go down to the barn and start and run the two '64s. I like to run the Avanti A/C periodically to keep the seals oiled. I didn't get off to a real good start because what looked like a little snow at the bottom of the barn door turned out to be solid ice- had to use a mattox to break it up enough to swing open the door (worked up a sweat for the first time in a while). Took the cover partially off the Avanti, blew the dead stink bugs off then noticed that I had forgotten to hook up the battery minder. Courtesy light didn't come on when I opened the door- thought dead battery, but the light popped on. I guess it was cold. Car started up pretty quickly and ran fine. I got it good and warm then turned on the heater to high and the A/C to coldest and ran them for ten minutes or so. Pulled the cover off the Wagonaire and unlocked it. Battery minder was in place. Had to crank it a little longer, but it fired up OK. When I walked away something under the hood started screeching, but by the time I opened the hood, the noise stopped so I don't know whether it was the alternator or the p/s pump (or something else).
    Now I'm thinking York.
    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
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    Had the 40 President out yesterday for an event. Temps broke 80 last two days in Sun City, AZ

    Denny L


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      I still like you, Denny, but you are making it hard. <G>
      Dave Lester


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        Originally posted by Studedude View Post
        I still like you, Denny, but you are making it hard. <G>
        I know that Denny has experienced plenty of what we have gone through so far this Winter.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

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          That sounds real good there in a few weeks !

          Home of the Fried Green Tomato


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            Originally posted by Studedude View Post
            I still like you, Denny, but you are making it hard. <G>
            I'll second that. How can a pleasant AZ winter make one so heartless? <G>


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              I went to visit my Hawk today in her storage and started her up. Ran her for 20 minutes. Man I love that car and the tone of her revs. Hit about 34 degrees today.
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                Hit 48 here today. i had the 66 running for a bit. Looks like my rear seal is staying dry. now if I can figure out the tranny... Came back out today...
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                51 Commander 4 door


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                  Was about 65 here in Alabama. I drove my 53 about ten miles. Wanted to cruise a little,
                  But, I needed to finish a few things, and had to make good use of this weekend. Weather
                  has been ugly.


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                    Had another 64 Hawk running today in Burlington,
                    wish I had the Champion home to run it too.


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                      Hit 47 or 48 here today..went for a motorcycle ride.
                      Working on old cars separates the men from the golfers.


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                        I had 65 years of cold winters in Nebraska and I'm not going back



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                          Originally posted by Green53 View Post
                          I had 65 years of cold winters in Nebraska and I'm not going back


                          ................................................................................ ..........................................................
                          Dave Lester


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                            Low 40s today. Yesterday ended 37 straight days with some measurable snowfall. 'Bout freakin' time.

                            Also renews a crazy discussion that crops up every year:

                            There are some that insist that the warm weather increases the danger to un-shoveled roofs. They actually think that the melting of the snow makes it heavier! That is, as the snow pack settles, it somehow gains weight- without added rain or snow! Therefore 40 degrees is dangerous because it makes the snow heavier, but doesn't let it liquefy and run off fast enough. Nutty!

                            Of course, a given amount of snow on a given roof weighs the exact same, whether it's 4 feet high or two feet; and any runoff makes that weight less.

                            At least, that's my contention. Am I missing something??
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                              It got close to 60 today. I took ugly Betty out to run some errands and clean the cobwebs out of her exhaust.
                              Jamie McLeod
                              Hope Mills, NC

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