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    Originally posted by rockne10 View Post
    In one shot of what appears to be the rear edge of the right trough, I detect a couple of pop rivets under that fresh black paint.
    Ayup, 'fraid so.

    I've looked at a couple Avantis and GTs where the owners did quickie patch jobs thinking it was just fine; did not believe the troughs were structural. Might be the case here.
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      Jack...Have you ever been in Yellowknife?

      "Dang, we have trucks, trains and big stores just like you civilized folks in Spokane. I'll bet we could get that car shipped even if we had to do it by ox cart. "

      Try Tuktoyaktuk.
      Live your dreams!


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        Instead of lowering the car, why not add a huge rocker panel. Bad idea.
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          Jack...Have you ever been in Yellowknife?
          Getting way OT, but yes, Yellowknife is a stunningly beautiful city for the three months or so a year it is visible. I just threw it in randomly because, you'll have to admit, it is along way from USA population centers.

          jack vines


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            If I were you Jack, I'd quit while you're ahead. Hee Hee Hee


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              Originally posted by Nelsen Motorsports View Post
              Instead of lowering the car, why not add a huge rocker panel. Bad idea.
              I am no aerodynamic engineer, but it seems to me the skirts on the side of the car are like the front spoiler, in that they keep air out from underneath the car thus they improve the aerodynamics of the car. Lowering in and of itself may not do this. Anybody know about this?
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                Originally posted by PackardV8 View Post
                "Custom" doesn't always mean improved, no matter how many thousands of dollars were invested. Some will feel the result looks less like an Avanti and more generic Corvette/Nissan boy racer.
                jack vines
                upon first look, i thought someone that liked late '90's body cladded pontiacs got a hold of it...

                (yes, i know it was not cladded, but "custom made").
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                  as a person that was on the buyer's block for an Avanti just "weeks" ago (found a '61 Hawk instead), i'd say that $8k to $12k sounds just about right, actually...

                  it does say "reserve not met", so who knows what they are trying to pull in...
                  if she breaks $12k, i would actually be "surprised"...