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  • Wichita A's Swap Meet

    Hello All,
    Well it was our usual Midway Chapter's membership drive in Febuary, the 4th and the 5th.
    We handed out more then 50 Turning wheels and with everyone a membership folder.
    We only signed two new members with one with the local, but we had a few stop by from other
    The bad weather really put a damper on this years swap meet. Alot of pepople couldn't make it
    this year from Oklahoma.
    But all in all it was still a good year for Studebakers at the Swap meet.
    Also a funny story about a bucket I bought at the swap meet. On one of my rounds looking for Studebaker
    stuff, I came across a Bud ice bucket for $2. Brought it back to the booth and started helping people to learn
    about the Drivers club, but other people where always picking the bucket up and wanting to buy it,all day
    long. On Saturday, they started in again on the bucket. So I thought to myself, this will make them quit.
    I put a sign on it,"Donations Studebaker Museum". And I''ll be dogged, people put money in it. So we also
    raised $8.17 for the museum.
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    ...well done!
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      Sure hated missing the swap meet and our annual visit. I tried to talk my group into going, I felt the roads had improved enough to safely make the trip, but nobody else was up to the trip.

      It is always a good meet, a great cabin fever cure, and you guys do a good job promoting Studebakers.
      Dave Lester


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        Dave, you really missed out. Malcom is a BBQ champ, ya know - but he cooks other things just as well.
        Friday we had some great chili from Malcom's crockpot, and Saturday he whipped up the crack of nachos!
        I had 4 bowls and wanted more, but I was full!
        Someone should hire Malcom to cook for a party, the guy makes GREAT food!

        I should add that we really had a good time all weekend. We got so tickled by all the money that found its way into that bucket without us saying a word of encouragement. A guy would wander by, just pull out some loose change from his pocket or a dollar from his wallet, nod to us and go on his merry way! It was hilarious!

        Next year we'll do it BOTH days.
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          Sorry we missed it. The weather scared us. I really didn't need anything. But was going to look for some parts for a Oldsmobile 76 parts. He has a long list. I guess they didn't make to many 76s. 1949 that is.


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            We were looking for you and Betty.
            Maybe next year, Carl.
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            The only difference between death and taxes is that death does not grow worse every time Congress convenes. - Will Rogers