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Paper Model Studebaker Champ on Gateway SDC site

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  • Paper Model Studebaker Champ on Gateway SDC site

    Do you know who designed this paper model car:
    Would it be possible for the artist to send me a PM, or to design more paper models of Studebaker Larks, or Lark-based cars? I would love to see a Lark Wagonaire, or a Lark Daytona, or even a Lark Cruiser. If possible could the artist put more paper cars on the site? I am a huge fan of the Studebaker models from the Missouri-Illinois Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club. Keep up the Good Work!
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    Also, I would love to see a GT Hawk. If you (the artist) would like a paper model of a Studebaker showroom, send me a Private Message, with your email and I will try to email it to you, and/or the Gateway for all to build. (It is 4 pages)
    \"Life is short, write in pen\"


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      I've sent an email to the president of the chapter alerting him to this thread.


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        I think John Cosco has been designing these paper models. There is one of an Avanti and a Lark-type. I know I got a file for making a Wagonaire, just can't remember where I got it, nor can I find it in my computer right now.
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          I'm thinking so too but was waiting to hear from our club president. John Cosco passed away suddenly two years ago. He was a long time member and has been missed by his many friends.