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  • 58 Silver Hawk

    Has anyone seen or know any thing about the green 58 Hawk on Craigslist intheDC area, owner said he has only owned
    it a short time,any information will we appericated
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    Need more info - a link, or some pix?
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      Originally posted by Chris Pile View Post
      Need more info - a link, or some pix?
      The ad was on WashingtonDC craigslist 2/1/11 thought maybe someone in the area knows about the car


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        Is this it?


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          Originally posted by ST2DE5 View Post
          That's a pretty two-tone in the first-series 1955 style. With 4-barrel and duals, I wonder if it is a factory Power Kit 224 engine. They were supposedly available, but I've never seen one and don't know of anyone who has. (Rumors, of course, but no confirmed sightings, I mean.) BP
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            There was a g/w finned hawk for sale on 234 bus in manassas a while back, not a bad car but I passed. Maybe he has lowered the price by now. Same guy had rough but solid Avanti II from texas for $1500. Don't have any contact info but I could probably find it again if I needed to.


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              This West Virginia Maroon & Black '55 Commander is the same Car as the mulitple posts of the fleet that 53k posted, here:

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                the car is reposted on craigslist today warshingtonDC it is located inCatahpin Va. is this the on you looked at some time ago