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Desert Car Kings/DVAP TV show, yes, they have Studes

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  • Desert Car Kings/DVAP TV show, yes, they have Studes

    Just for fun I searched Desert Valley Auto Parts on the web. While watching their "reality" show, I wondered if they have any Studes in their yard.

    It turns out they do..

    In the bulletnose listing they mention a window mounted swamp cooler.
    They say they didn't go "threw" it....
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    They also can't READ any better than they can write! They called it a "President", it's a Provincial!
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      The '50 coupe is a BUSINESS coupe!
      (read it backwards)

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        That "51" looks more like a 52 to me! The dash and steering wheel "suggests" it's a 52

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          All of the 52s shown on the web site are listed as Commanders and are Champions if you look at the pictures. Of the three 52 cars shown on the web site in the Casa Grande location there was only one when I visited the yard late last year, seem the web site doesn't get updated often.
          Posted a few pictures here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ard-Tour-Today