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Loaded trailer full of Studebakers.

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    Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
    Sal, that would be especially significant for the '64 Cruiser. I saw the car exactly nine years ago, in June 2002, when Lee and Debbie DeLaBarre drove it to an SDC Chapter meeting in Warren IN. IIRC, it has factory disc brakes, right? That being the case, and as much as they cost to fix, it is important they are still working well! BP
    Thanks for that date, that tells me how long ago I bought it.
    JDP Maryland


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      Spokejr, I personally didn't go to the estate but my buddy Leon did and intern purchased a 64 R1 Daytona Hardtop that they had as well but wasn't listed. All I can say is Shane Williams is a pleasure to deal with and sent me as many photo's as requested and informed me everything about the car I needed to know. If you are interested in talking to him about any other cars they have for sale here is his number 707-337-1497. I don't think Leon inspected that Hawk because we were not interested in buying it.
      Hey Bob you are spot on again in your Vin numbers as always!
      Regards Brian
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      Brian Greenall
      Melbourne, OZ


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        Originally posted by JDP View Post
        Thanks for that date, that tells me how long ago I bought it.
        Yep, John, I well remember that date. It was at that meet that organzier Sam Roberts (no longer playing with Studebakers) told me the late Earle Haley's son George might want to sell Earle's Astra White 1964 Daytona sedan.

        Two months later, I was in Troy, MI picking it up...and still have it, of course. BP
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          Originally posted by sals54 View Post
          FWIW, all four cars drove off the truck with very little trouble. They all seem to have brakes that work well and each car started from a long slumber with just a one second shot of nitrous..... I mean, ether. The lights worked and I drove each one into the barn and parked them in the reverse order from which they will emerge. Truck first, Brown Cruiser second, 62 2 door third and the 50 Champion last. The Champion needs a little attention under the hood. Hopefully we'll see the truck tomorrow.
          More significant, I drove all four on to the trailer - and wasn't that an adventure, taking a running start in reverse to go uphill on those ramps


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            Originally posted by JDP View Post
            I think he used a adapter and he used a cable throttle, but we'll get back to you.
            Exactly, with a 6V electric fuel pump. Cable throttle rocks, takes all the slop out of that Rube Goldberg linkage nightmare.