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    Yeah Jeff, after fifteen years driving and training horses for harness, I've seen and been in numerous accidents. I've rolled over an antique Jump-Seat-Trap, watched a Stick-Seat-Runabout explode whilst contacting with a tie-rail during a run-away, and experianced my wife's Thoroughbread reducing my four-thousand dollar (twenty-five years ago, it's worth almost five times that now) Harewood Gig to matchwood. Been there done that.

    I will still contend though, that the Antique Vehicles can be safely driven, even on a daily basis, with proper training of both the horse and driver. At the same time, I would never (had I any say) allow a novice driver out on the road with a Buggy-type vehicle. They are very unforgiving. A gig or possibly a cut-under vehicle are much safer. Some horses too, are just not suitable for Driving, no matter how much training is expended on them.

    Here's the roll-over before and after:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	CDE entry 1983 before marathon.jpg
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Name:	CDE entry 1983 after marathon.jpg
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    This accident occured at a Combined Driving Event (three day, three phase driving). I knew that wheel was weak and never should have taken the vehicle out onto the Marathon. The Trap wasn't really all that badly broken up, besides a side panel and wheel though. It was back together and going down the road a year later. The vehicle rolled completely over in the accident. I was underneath it with my hand over my head still holding the reins. Both horses obeyed my command to, "Stand!" Both were worth their weight in gold. No one was hurt in the accident. I came away just dusty and with a few scratches. The Groom (the lady holding the reins in the Before picture) and my Daughter (the little girl in overalls) were just decanted from the carriage into long grass and sand, thank God. They were able to roll the vehicle over and off me without too much trouble. Then we delt with the almost hopelessly tangled harness on the jibbing and dancing horses. These things will happen from time to time. Especially when driving hard in competitions. Even Prince Phillip has been decanted from his vehicles and rolled them from time to time. It just happens.

    I will never again take an antique into a Combined Driving Event, should I ever compete again, doubtful that... They're too precious to risk such damage to them. However, using them as they were originally meant to be used is not at all out of the question. In fact, I'm looking forward to it.

    As to the Studebaker Park Wagon, someone got a really FANTASTIC DEAL on it! Just two thousand dollars! I'm still hoping to get either the Park Phaeton in Missouri, or a Skeleton Gig by Van Tassel and Kearney in Ohio. Will probably go for the Gig at first as the Phaeton will require a pair to pull it (it's heavy). Not to mention a lot of work. There's any number of wonderful vehicles out there... it's just a matter of working out all the details and lining up ducks.

    Sigh, there may be a really nice '56 (driver) Parkview available soon, if anyone is interested... Lord knows, if you're curious about her history for the past few years just do a search on 'Bess' and you'll find it.
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      I am still laughing.......Bravo!
      Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK View Post
      Thanks, I think
      My wife says I am the Norm Crosby of spoonerisms, and I butcher the language and make up words.
      Truth is, I can't remember things 'quickly', but I can get 'close' with a word.
      I can vividly remember my 7th grade English teacher.
      One of the first male teachers I ever had.
      I was a shy child, shoved out of grade school, and into the huge (2 stories and a basement) 'Junior High'....
      That English teacher actually thought he could teach me to diagram sentences.
      Imagine... Me trying to explain what an adverb is.
      "Adverb, that is a verb on a TV commercial"
      "Jeff! Sit DOWN!"
      And so it goes.......
      I never appreciated the quality of my education until decades later, when I was told I was smart.
      When I heard that, I immediately looked at my wife, and said "You lied to me!"
      She said the same thing my English teacher said..."Jeff, sit DOWN!"
      And it goes....