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Studebaker literature, 1906 Goat Card advert

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  • Studebaker literature, 1906 Goat Card advert

    I will soon have an opportunity to purchase a postally used cover (envelope, I believe) with stamp, advertising the 1906 Studebaker Child's wagon. I do not collect this type of Studebaker but wondered if there were others who would be interested. I know, price is everything. I don't want to disclose my cost, but would like to know what these would sell for in the retail marketplace.

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    Try a search on the 'bay of 'goat cart' and you will see a load of examples. they start around five dollars and go on up to about twenty-five or so.
    Here's an example:

    This one is just a picture for around ten bucks.
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      I should have thought of that. Thanks. The one I was interested in was $35, beyond my need.


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        Goat carts must have been a big deal for kids back then. My dad encouraged me to buy two goats when I was 5 or 6 with the intention of building a cart for them to pull. The goats were fun, but the cart never got built.
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