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    From Seattle archives, photo taken in 1968 of the Pike Place market area before renovation.....about 5 years later a buddy and I "discovered" a '52 Commander Starlight seemingly abandonded in the Spokane st. industrial area, then it ended up moving to another vacant lot a year or so later and I tried buying parts off it to no avail, plus I was in high school with limited funds.
    . Maybe this is the same one...?

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    Cool, the more modern, and a little more upbuilt location of the "Fish Philosophy" video !!

    (When you substitute teach, you pick up a thing or two from the stuff you have to show on the tv, lol)
    1964 Studebaker Commander R2 clone
    1963 Studebaker Daytona Hardtop with no engine or transmission
    1950 Studebaker 2R5 w/170 six cylinder and 3spd OD
    1955 Studebaker Commander Hardtop w/289 and 3spd OD and Megasquirt port fuel injection(among other things)