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  • Lark and Champ gauges

    Has anyone purchased aftermarket guages for the early Larks (and Champ trucks) as well as the late Larks? I am looking to update my 65 Cruiser and 61 Champ pickup but all I can find are 3 3/8" and 5" guages or clusters. Nothing against the original but I would like something newer.
    Wayne Elks

    66 Phantom Champ
    65 Cruiser
    64 Champ
    40 4-Dr Commander

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    I have been looking and waiting for years for any company to produce gauges somewhere near in size to these Studebaker's. One would think that at least one company would see the potential market for gauges in the 4"-4 1/2" range.
    The 3 3/8" look to small, and the 5'' is so big that it won't fit within the confines of the panel.

    I have over a half-dozen '64 clusters with that fading metallic green face, and almost no two are the same color. My NOS 160 Speedo makes the rest of 'em look like crap, so I've never installed it.
    Even simply having new gauge faces (preferably in simple black & white) or all in one shade of the OE green would be great.