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Any Informaton on this Lark?

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  • Any Informaton on this Lark?

    I was cruising a web site and came across this picture:

    Does anyone know anything about it? The name on the side appears to be "The Flintstone Flyer". Any info would be appreciated.

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    Don't know who owned the Flintstone Flyer but it was at the 1964 US Nationals in Indy. It ran really fast at the time because of weight to cubic inches rules for gasers then.


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      That was Dave Koffel. He also ran a '49 Packard.
      Info here
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        Just wondering. Was it called the "Flintstone Flyer" because the floorboards were rusted out?


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          Dan: The actual name of that Lark is Flintstone Flyer Too. (Yes, the "too" is spelled that way, not "two.") The name comes from being "in addition to" the original Flintstone Flyer circa 1948-1950 Packard 4-door gasser.

          This Lark, Flintstone Flyer Too, was selected as one of the Fabulous 50 NHRA Drag Race cars of all time for the 50th Annual NHRA National Drags celebration at Indianapolis Raceway Park a couple years ago. It was displayed next to Ted Harbit's Chicken Hawk in the special display area set up inside Raceway Park during The National Drags. BP
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            ...and I'm guessing the floorboards were always just fine.