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Original Studebaker art 1956-57; What to do?

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  • Original Studebaker art 1956-57; What to do?

    Over 30 years ago I purchased maybe18 or 20 large artist drawings that were used for the 1956 and 1957 showroom catalogs and folders. These had been removed from the Administration Building by a long time Studebaker photographer when the operation was being closed out to avoid their destruction. I have had them stored in a closet for close to 25 years and only recently got them out. To help illustrate the size of the art board upon which they were executed I ask a friend of mine to pose with some of them in preparation to possibly listing them on Ebay (one at a time). Lately however I had a thought that maybe it would be better to donate them to the museum and take a tax write-off. On the other hand if in the museum they would likely be placed in a large drawer and seldom if ever seen again.

    So now I am a bit of a quandary as to what would be the appropriate way to dispose of them. I should point out that this artwork in its original size and color is magnificent. Much more vivid that the same images in the catalogs. Each was created using an actual black and white photo from the archives then hand drawn, colored and tinted by a professional artists. The negative number of the photos is included at the bottom. Some have the transparent fly leaf overlay whereupon can be read notations from the art director for changes being ordered. Theses are real neat and being one-of-a-kind art I would think would have some value. I have no more wall space for them and will be getting rid of them in a manner yet to be determined in the next few months. I thought I would post a few images here for possible interest.

    The first image above shows the Champion 2 door sedan and the second the full line '56 folder showing the same car in row 3 number 2. There was also a prestige color catalog with all of these cars shown but the folder is easier to illustrate.
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    Donate them to me. I have lots of empty wall space.


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      I don't often reply in as serious a tone as I am this time. But, this time I feel I have some personal information with which might help you decide.

      My family has made several donations to a few museums, and it is very rare that the items are ever displayed. It is a great disappointment to my family that the value of these donated items is hidden from view for the public to enjoy and learn from. Because of this, I have decided to never donate any of my family legacy to a museum, it will all go to younger family members.

      I would suggest either of two other alternatives. One, sell them on Ebay. Two, display them here on the forum before sale elsewhere and accept good offers. I would go for number two first. On this forum, 'family' members who value the items will have first chance to buy them, and you will know that the items will be treated with respect. So you win on two fronts, and the purchaser also wins. If an item doesn't interest anyone on the forum, then you could list them on Ebay.

      I don't 'collect' general memorabilia of Studebaker, but I am always interested in Studebakers of personal interest. So, I might even be interested in something you have.


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        Start an auction on the forum. Who knows, some other forums do it and generate a good bit on money.
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          I have been looking for just that sort of art for my office.
          If there are any Hawks I would be interested in purchasing one or more if you think they would be suitable for framing.
          That is if I can afford them.
          Do you have any idea of what price range you want ?


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            Hi Richard

            Original art for catalog use, what nice items!

            Are the '56 & '57 President Classic rendering among those you have? I would love to have them in my collection........look great framed next to my '33 Speedway President Convertible Victoria, '36 President convertible coupe and '36 Skyway President Custom Town Car.



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              I think offering them here first is a very good idea. If there are any with '57 Packards on them I would be interested for certain.
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                I have this odd--to me--fascination for 56 and 57 (and 58) sedans and wagons. I have many of those years brochures including the export versions. Would there be anything in this collection having to do with the rare and elusive Champion W6 (Regal) sold only in 56 and 57, and only in Canada and overseas markets? It was essentially a short wheelbase 6 cylinder President, apparently available with all or most of the President options, but there isn't much information available about them. The different brochures that I have managed to find (3) are somewhat lacking in detail. I would definitely be interested in them to buy, or even on a 'shared' basis-ie, pay for copies or details even if someone else really desperately wants them for their collection. Even copies of factory photos.


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                  Originally posted by Jim B PEI View Post
                  I have this odd--to me--fascination for 56 and 57 (and 58) sedans and wagons. I have many of those years brochures including the export versions.
                  Nothing unusual there, Jim. 1956-1958 represented the primary postwar model years in which Studebaker tried to emulate The Big Three enough to attract The Big Three customer with a car so similar, they would feel comfortable having it in the driveway instead of a Big Three make.

                  As nice as were the 1956-1958 sedans, that approach didn't work. People who were comfortable buying their next Big There car did just that, and traditional Studebaker customers went right on buying Studebakers. There just weren't enough of them, and they were dying off.

                  When Studebaker again offered a genuine alternative in 1959, people had a reason to consider Studebaker for a potential purchase. By 1964, we were back to the 1956 idea of being just like The Big Three, only different....kinda. But when people looked at an all-new 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, few saw any reason to consider the fresh "new" 1964 Studebaker, so they didn't get past the Chevy dealer without buying the Malibu.

                  Tough marketing decisions for Studebaker, to be sure. But 1956-1958 represented a specific, unique marketing approach. 'Too bad it wasn't more successful. BP
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                    Why wouldn't you have these scanned and reproduced as posters or a calendar? Thats where the real value is with these drawings. They shouldn't have copyrights anymore. Besides, you can copy them and still sell the originals.
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                      Thanks for the interesting and constructive remarks (most of them!). Yes, I do have some of the Hawks and the President Classic art for 1956. There are no special models that I am aware, pretty much what you see in the catalogs and folders. Before I part with them I will certainly make some copies for myself. Here are a few more. I will post a few others later but it does take time to crop and re-size these for posting on the forum.
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                      Richard Quinn
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                        I like the happy display model...

                        RQ, You might try ebay first to get an idea what they will draw and to be the most fair to all. Once posted here we will find them there. I would think it would be difficult to choose who wants them the most here. We all would love to have them, I know I sure would value something like that. They aren't like simple magazine ads that flood ebay each day. A museum probably can never assure their display, though I'm sure my friends at the Crawford Auto Museum in Cleveland would also love to have them for display. Too risky, though. They should be appreciated each day by a Studebaker fan, but also assured to not be eventually lost to an estate sale without knowing their provenance. Tough call.

                        It does take considerable time for you to upload pictures on ebay and here. Originals like that from the factory are very, very rare. Thank you for sharing and promoting them so tastefully.
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                          I never can figure out why SDC doesn't have their own Auction website. The income could certainly outstrip the cost of the software and it would be a benefit to all.
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                            Those are really neat! I wonder if one of the notes on the '57 President Broadmoor is "raise the roof"! While it looks great with that stylized flat roof like they finally did use in 1958, the rest of the car looks too much like the actual car to have just the roof modified, so they may have changed it.
                            It does not matter that I like the drawing just fine as it is!
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                              I like the copy and sell idea, then let museums have first shot at the originals. There are many museums that feature Studebaker, and there is more than one that is dedicated to Studebaker only.

                              If you copy them, please take them to a decent print shop and do them full size.