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Distributor question, 62 GT Hawk

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  • Distributor question, 62 GT Hawk

    I have a 62 GT Hawk with an Autolite ibp-4108 distributor. First, is Autolight and Prestolite the same. Second, I bought a Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition for it and it doesn't fit. I have read somewhere that Pretronix does not make an Ignition for this application. Third, Can I replace the Autolite distributor with a Delco and if so which one. Can anyone help me out here


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    1) yes Autolite and Prestolite, in a Studebaker context, are the same. The name changed in 1963.

    2) IIRC the Pertronix sold is for the dual point Prestos only

    3) any V-8 Delco dist will fit, but the one everyone wants is the '61 with the "window" cap so you can adjust dwell with the engine running.


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      Early Delco Dist. vs Late Delco

      What Nate says is absolutely TRUE!
      However I look at it this way; The '51 to '59 Stude. Early Delco V-8 Dist. (the top half of which was used in Buick, Olds, Pontiac & Cadillac) works just as well as the late Delco Window Dist. used on '60 AND '61 Lark V-8's (and the upper portion on Chev. and other GM Cars).

      Then if you are going to replace the points with an Electronic Ignition System, you really don't care about the neat Allen wrench easy adjustment of points do you? So as Nate says any Delco V-8 Dist. will work (well with a Pertronix Unit).

      Keep in mind, that if you are building a Street AND Strip Car or any kind of Racing vehicle, there ARE advantages to the Delco "Window" Dist. The weights and springs can be purchased from Excel and many other aftermarket Mfg.'s to "modify" your advance curve.

      SOMEDAY Pertronixs will get their Website correct, but buying a Pertronix from a Studebaker Vendor as advertised in "TURNING WHEELS", Monthly SDC Publication avoids ALL of these headaches!
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        Thanks guys