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Frustrations of being the 4th party

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  • Frustrations of being the 4th party

    Studebaker related.
    Buddy calls me last Monday and tells me he got the number of some guy who has a bunch of cars and parts that have to be removed from his storage building.One car is a 1954 Studebaker station wagon.I'm ready right then and there.Days pass and nada.The guy has parts my buddy needs but he cant find the time.AAAAARGGGH.
    On my friends behalf he is very busy at his shop and he usually runs after stuff quickly but he wont give me the info so I can only wait.So much for my new years promise to be more patient
    Mono mind in a stereo world

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    I wonder if this is the one I heard about yesterday. Is it light blue?


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      I cant say.I have no details.
      Mono mind in a stereo world


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        Sounds exciting Bob, keep us posted!
        In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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          I'm having grief over a 2 party deal. I was introduced to a old fart at my FLAPS while buying a fan belt. He has a pickup truck load of old Studebaker racing equipment and gave me a number to call and check it out. After a half dozen calls where he never had time to clear out the garage to get to it, I gave up. Fast forward 2-3 years and I'm back at the parts store and the guy walks in and hears that I'm a Studebaker guy, and we start over again, but this time he mentions his Studebaker Hilborn fuel injection setup. I'll keep calling.
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            You need an avatar. . . .
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