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1958 windshield part #'s for the experts!

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  • 1958 windshield part #'s for the experts!

    I've been told that my 58 President windshield is the same as the Lark windshield. So I have a part # off a NOS windshield; it's 1331020 and the box says it's for a 59-60 Lark. Will this windshield fit my 1958 President 2 door hard top? Thanks
    Jim Rostron

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    I'm sorry to say- no- the '59/'60 won't work.
    At least that's what the books say, anyway~
    • 3080210 US built late '55-'58 W, Y, F, J, D, P
    • 3080211 tinted same as above
    • 311487 Canadian built late '55-'58 W, Y, F, D, P
    • 311488 tinted same as above
    • 1331020 '59/'60 W, Y, F, J, L, D, P
    • 1331021 tinted same as above

    Bummer, eh?
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      You should go back and finish reading this thread:

      (read it backwards)

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        '58 "J" Body Windshield

        NO, it does not, Lark Windshields only LOOK alike!

        You want a 308010 Clear or a 308011 Tinted, the aftermarket Part Numbers will not be these Studebaker ones anyway.

        EDIT: Sorry for the Duplicate info, all 3 of us must have been waiting for the "frozen" server to work at the same time!

        Interesting Jim, that the other referenced string with incorrect & correct answers and THREE sources for W/S's, is also YOUR post of Dec. 29, !
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