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  • My Truck Made TW Magazine

    Well, sort of? I loved all the colored pictures in this months Turning Wheels Magazine. And as I browsed the pictures from DYSD I happened upon a picture from our chapters drive. There it was! my truck! as a reflection in the side of the Avanti I parked next to that day.
    Okay! It may not be the clearest picture of my Truck, but I was excited enough to share it with the members of this forum.
    Good Roads
    Brian Woods
    1946 M Series (Shop Truck)

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    I have no idea how you spotted that...I really had to look. Regardless, it is cool, but without a doubt, I feel your ride deserves a photo to itself! After all, how many other cool trad-styled M's are out there??? Happy New Year Brian! Junior. BTW, the inside back cover M and Wagonaire from BC are sweet as well.
    1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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      My wife's GT made it too! on page 22. But then it helps when your G-son writes the article...

      Woody, You should do a wright up on your Truck and submit it to TW. I think it would make a good article. NT
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      Neil Thornton


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        I expect we will see a photo of it again in TW when an article on this past year's Pacific CanAm Zone Meet is published.