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Studebakers at the California Auto Museum # 5

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  • Studebakers at the California Auto Museum # 5

    Fifth of seven, this picture is a good example of what NOT to do when taking a photograph. You need to pay attention to what is in the background. When I took this shot, I was looking at the immediate background with the grassy knoll and trees. When I enlarged the photo, I noticed what was across the street. It really sticks out.

    But Leonards car is the saving grace of the picture. It's a great car.

    STUDEBAKER – We Invented COOL
    In 1953, Studebaker shocked the American car buying public with the Loewy coupe. It was a low and sleek model that looked very European. It was the brainchild of Studebaker designer Bob Bourke, who worked for Raymond Loewy. Loewy’s name became associated with the car because that was the way things went in those days. The exciting design of the Loewy Coupes of 1953 and 1954 peaked out with the 1955 President Speedster model.
    The 1955 Speedster was a one year only model. It was originally built to be a show car, but went into production and 2215 were made. It was the top line model in 1955.
    This fine example is owned by Leonard Brewer of Georgetown and is mostly original with only slight modifications.

    Leonard consistently receives awards whenever he has this car judged at Studebaker meets. Leonard’s knowledge of Studebakers is extensive and he often puts that knowledge to work by serving as a judge for the Studebaker Drivers Club.

    Leonard is also a volunteer at this Museum and shares his skills as a mechanic to keep our cars in running condition.

    The Speedster was more than just the top of the line 1955 Studebaker. It was the transition model that paved the way for the Hawk series of cars that would serve as America’s first true “Muscle Car”. Hawk series cars continued in the Studebaker line-up until the 1964 Model year when production of Studebaker cars was moved to Canada.

    The Hawk series received a styling update in 1962 by Brooks Stevens. Check them out in comparison to other cars of the same era and then tell me Studebakers weren’t cool!
    Jon Stalnaker
    Karel Staple Chapter SDC

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    Be sure of your target and what's beyond!
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      c'mon photoshop guys... fix it !!!
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        55 edit.jpg

        Better? Click to enlarge.
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          For those who can't make it to the California Auto Museum, here is a shot of Leonard's Speedster from the front

          Pat Dilling
          Olivehurst, CA
          Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

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            bumping it up
            Jon Stalnaker
            Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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              I played with the picture for a few minutes, not sure it's an improvement, but the building is gone. I could improve on it more by spending more time, but I'm not sure why I would want to do that. <G> It is a beautiful car, regardless of the setting!

              Dave Lester