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Bess is more lady-like now

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  • Bess is more lady-like now

    Bess was sounding rather more than a bit sleezey. Hence, it was time to visit Midas. The shop in Redding, CA did a beautiful job of installing a lovely new muffler on the old girl and she purrs like a lady now. All we have to do is get her to Redwood City next for brakes and tranny work...

    The fellow who owns the shop has a key-punch operated pipe bending machine that did a beautiful job of custom-bending Bess' exhaust pipes. They fit perfectly and look great! The machine was facinating. It's previous owner was going to just throw it away at the scrap yard. So Brian offered him scrap price for it and took it to his shop. He was showing me the key-punch-card file and there's everything there! Well, at least, as far as Studebakers go! Sadly, I forgot my camera and didn't get any photos. If anyone is interested in the machine, Brian would likely let me take shots of it, I'm sure.

    Also, I was wondering why my brakes weren't working properly in the front. Well, there appears to be a pinched pipe. So, I'll have to have Studebakers West work on that too. Household plumbing I can do. Studebaker plumbing... well, that's quite another thing entirely.
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    Good to hear! Next time your there, could you snag some pics? I'd LOVE to see some!!
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