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Avanti G-force testing gauge

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  • Avanti G-force testing gauge

    This Christmas I got an unusual gauge for a gift. My uncle works at a michine shop in Mishawaka (next to South Bend) and one of his co-workers worked at the proving ground when Studebaker was testing Avantis. (He was a driver around the test track I guess). He gave this gauge to my uncle to give to me. It is a G force measureing gauge that was supposedly used by Studebaker for Avanti testing on the test track. I don't know the name of the guy who gave it to my uncle. The gauge has no markings on it that say studebaker or anything. Still an interesting piece. Does anybody know anything else about it?
    Chris Dresbach

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    Looks like a pendulum accelerometer. Forerunner to today's GTech. Pretty cool piece. Let's test it out at the SB swap meet.
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      I think it fell off of Docs Delorean!!
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