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    Since i have responded to the differences of front fenders of 1950 Vs 1951 Champions. Here we go again. The wheel well center line is diff on both 1950 and 1951 champion fenders. 1950 front fenders have a smaller flare on the wheel well that the 1951 fender champion. 1951 champion front fenders have a bigger flare on the wheel well. So you try to put a 1951 champion fender on 1950 champion, your tire will be off centered, and this goes for the 1951. Now the problem. Because I tried to give this information to a forum member, He emails me back thinking that the fender will work and that the fenders are interchangeable. They are not. I have too many 1950 and 1951 fender, and I can tell the diff. Now, Mr. Cole is now sending me harassment emails which must stop. I have asked Mr. Cole to stop emailing me. If you send me a private message, and you want it confidential, then state confidential. Otherwise, the info sent to me is mine. Since I felt that this guy way getting the wrong information, I felt that he needed to hear this from someone. That topic was, This guy needs to be straighten out. please help him. I think thats what I posted. I ask Mr. Shaw for help.

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    If you dont want to see his responses put the user on ignore please.