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ChopStu: Taillight decision made and being executed

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  • ChopStu: Taillight decision made and being executed

    While after much deliberation, avoiding, and pouring over pictures, This is what I've decided I like for the project.

    Many attempts have been done with the rear light treatment for a Lark, most of us have seen the pictures or own Larks with modified lights,
    I by no means feel that my choice is the best choice, (will anyone? ) but I think it works well for the project, It's a tough area to modify and have it look "right", especially to those that are used to seeing the wrap around stock style all these years.

    While it may not be everyone's taste, I find it to be :
    enhances the trunk line,
    size of the light is proportional to the back panel.
    And most of all....Bright LED to let everyone know I'm stopping or turning!!!!!
    Lokar XL Led brake light. For those curious, it's no huge secret.

    Just imagine the outer ring welded, body filled, then painted body color......I promise it won't appear to "stick out" as it may look to you.

    As alway's I enjoy sharing as the project progresses and can't wait to be with you on the road.

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    I think I would french it in to avoid the bolted-on look. JMO

    Keep posting, I'm enjoying watching the progress eventhough the to-go counter has disappeared. Can't hold you to a schedule we can't see.

    I like the total concept a lot.



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      Has a touch of '61 Comet back there....
      Sort of like a tadpole, before it all grew up

      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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        Well, Kev... it's not what I would do, but I can see what you're shooting for and I like it; particularly the extra care you have obviously taken to make the long axis of the new light run parallel to the accent line at the tailing edge of the fender and the bottom lip of the trunk lid. Good job. Looking forward to more progress pics. Thanks for posting.

        P.S.: Now that Jeff's reminded me of the Comet (I kept trying to get you to put Edsel lights back there, IIRC) I wonder if it might not look even better with simple, round backup lights or amber turn signals tucked in under the slanting taillights in about the same spot as shown above. My $0.02, FWIW.
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          Lookin' good!
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            I think.....very tastefully done!!!
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              It will look like cat-eyes. Nice touch!


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                I think it will look good whether you do one of two ways. With the chrome bezel, I think it will look pretty and more Studebakerish. With the bezel painted, it will also look good and maybe blend in as modified. Way to go.


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                  Far be it for me to critique the man holding the grinder. I'm grateful for all your progress photos of your outstanding project. All the work and originality you accomplish makes mine seem small and easy by comparison. Keep us posted!
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                    Good Job! Well, I like it too. It gives it a cute rear 'face' and it is just right for the times--and less over the top than the 61 Comet and the 'I can't look away from the car crash' curved spine 60 Valiants. (I rather like them in a 'une belle laid' way now; the Dodge Lancers weren't as successful IMO because they weren't ugly-cute enough.)


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                      Would look better level than at an angle.


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                        Plain, simple, suits the bodyline...and the best part is they are different. I like them just the way they are. This is going to be one sharp Lark when you are done. Have you chosen a color you want to share that with us? No one will ever accuse this as being a 'cookie cutter' car. Killer wheel and tire combo btw. Awesome job! Junior.
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                          You're going to like it when you're done!


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                            Just make sure you don't do anything to the car that can't be easily undone in case the new owner is a purist and wants to return the car to stock.


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                              Ha, ha, that's a GOOD one Michael!! Lol!

                              That car was so far beyond that a long time ago. But when you build a Custom, you build it for yourself, and if the unexpected happens, oh well, you just lose.
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