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Interesting Avanti on Ebay with R2 - 259

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  • Interesting Avanti on Ebay with R2 - 259

    Here's an interesting 63 "R2" listed on Ebay if the poster is correct about the engine swap.

    What do you "R2" folks think of the claims?

    At the right price this could be an interesting vehicle.


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    the second owner had the 289 short block traded for a Studebaker 259 with an R2 cam. The rest of the engine including the R2 heads and the proper sealed R2 carb, is original. He said he was after an engine that was faster off the line.

    What do you "R2" folks think of the claims?
    This sort of flawed logic comes around every so often. Find me a supercharged race engine builder who wants to pay more to give up a 10% displacement advantage. In the RPM range below 6,000 where the stock R2 heads and cam make power and everything else being the same other than the displacement, the 289" will outrun the 259" every time. The 289" will also always have noticeably more low end torque. BTDT

    jack vines


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      The 259 crank has more journal overlap, thus it is stronger and can take more rpms. That being said, unless you have super flowing heads and a roller cam and drive everywhere at high rpm's , then you won't like it.
      Jack is right, you give up way too much in everyday drive- ability.
      In fact I have found that +.060 289(=299) is much more torquey than the 10 cu in suggests.
      try it you'll like it.
      Bez Auto Alchemy

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        If anyone is really interested in the car, I'll go take a look at it. I know the guy that owns it. I'm FAR from being knowledgeable on the Avantis, though, so tell me specifically what you want me to check out.
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          Thanks guys for the input.

          I could not get around giving away 30cu in as a good idea but not knowing Stude nor supercharged engines I thought I'd ask the local experts. Just as I thought.

          Even with blown engines, There is no replacement for displacement. Torque rules.