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Scrapping a 259 block

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  • Scrapping a 259 block

    I have a 259 block that is in bad shape. I froze and cracked at some point in the past. Somebody tried to repair it but it didn't work out to well because the thing smoked terribly on the side that was cracked. The #3 main bearing cap is also broke. I have stripped everything that can be removed. Before I trash this thing I was wondering if I should keep the bearing caps that aren't broke. I guess the question is, can the main bearing caps be swapped between blocks or will they only fit the block they came on?
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    AFAIK, they could be used on another block only if the entire assembly was line bored.
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      Gord is correct in that swapping them onto another block will require line honing or line boring and honing, depending on how close the match.

      I was just trying to remember if I've ever seen a cracked main cap. Don't recall it if I have. Hate to throw anything away, so if you have the room, someone will someday need the main bolts and a cap or two.

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