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  • Love that Hawk 6

    Beautiful day here today here in the SoCal desert. Took the 59 Silver Hawk for a spin. I've owned this Hawk for 34 years and I still like that Champ 6 and all it's simplicity.

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    That is a cute car, Bill...stick or automatic?
    Is your description of the weather intended to balance all our grumbling from the rust belt? <GGG> BP
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      Thanks Bob

      It's a 3spd o/d.

      As far as the weather goes here I can drive the Stude most anyday of the year. I've never lived in the rust belt so I guess I'm fortunate.


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        Nice car! Oh, and your handle is hilarious!

        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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          Another 6-banger fan here. Sure, it's not practical in a lot of modern situations, but that's OK; as long as one's expectations are in line.

          I love the way they purr. Takes me back to a simpler time.
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            Like the song says, "Love the one you're with. Love the one you're with."

            jack vines