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  • Wheel Stud Swage Tools

    Anyone know where to buy swaging tools for use on 54-57 wheel studs ?

    Would at least like to get the swage cutter to remove the old studs. The swage tool to swage new studs would be a plus.

    Have searched the forum but no help on locating sources for the tools.


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    Macs Antique auto parts. They specialize in early ford stuff, but the studs are 1/2, so the ford tool should work. You can order at . They list the cutter as thier part no. A1107T, $89.95. They list an installation tool you use in a 20 ton press, thier part no. A1109T, $7.95. Hope this helps.
    Dwight 54 Commander hardtop


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      Thanks Dwight,

      Good lead and Mac's has both tools.

      Mac's only ships via UPS. I will have to wait to order until I get back to pick the stuff up off the front porch. UPS has been unreliable for us with delivery time and boxes arriving crushed.

      Again, thanks.