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racingstudebakers Hacked ? 12-6-10

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    Hey fellas! I thought it was, but it wasn't a hacker this time. ALSO, TRUST ME, THERE IS NO FRAPPING VIRUS AND NEVER WAS ANY VIRUS from Racing Studebakers! What has happened is that the Racing Studebakers domain name was not picked up by the new server, two years ago and the old server let my domain name go Tango-Uniform! Yep, once again no matter HOW much money you spend with these nitwits, ya get screwed. I just contacted all parties involved and of course they blame each other, Grrrr.....

    In any event, some can still get on, as their internet providers are slow to "refresh" all their links. Unfortunately, it may take a while for others to get on because the domian service had to "repropogate" the Racing Studebakers website, and until they do, it's on again-off again until it gets settled down. Bottom line, it has been fixed.

    THANKS to shifter4 for giving everybody a heads up and for your kind comments fellas, except for, once again, the false claim of my website serving up a virus. Thank you for your patience once again, it will be worked out directly, then back to uninterrupted business.
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      What do you mean no virus? I had the flu last week. lol Obviously better now.
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        Yea...I'm just getten over "sumthin", virus, malady, runny nose hacker...

        Thanks Sonny, for keeping your site up and running.



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          I am not having any luck getting on with either Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
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            I call it raspberries for Bob.
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              mmmmm...... raspberry pie.....
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