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Convertibles that never were. (55) 56-58?

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    The 57 Clipper treatment--single headlights, authoritative grill design, plush interior, good two-tone/three-tone exterior and fins--as a package is darn pretty as a convertible. As a supercharged convertible equivalent to a Caribbean in power and luxury, they should have sold, or it would at least have brought people into the showrooms.

    One thing that is apparent is that the 58s, long derided (other than the Starlight hardtops which at least don't look too ungainly) come into their own as convertibles. Suddenly the roofline and decidedly less than felicitous two-tone treatment in 58 don't seem quite so downmarket, especially if you have full wheel discs on it to hide those white wheels. 14" wheels would really make sense too on convertibles. Actually, if Studebaker had had the full wheel disks standard for all regular sale non-fleet cars, instead of hubcaps, it would have made quite a difference. As odd as the 58 Podlightbakers look on their own, with some changes they look quite in tune, even restrained, compared to 58 competition.

    Now, the only variation not explored so far are a full Packard Caribbean 57 and 58 convertible with the distinctive three-tones and other touches, and a 57 Studebaker convertible. Here are two links to a 57, a 2 dr President,
    and the Champion Regal W6 (actually, a *short* wheel base President interior trimmed and optioned car with a Champion engine for overseas markets--with President removed from the glovebox and two chrome this model only checkmarks added to the rear quarters)

    See if someone can come up with a Photoshopped front and rear for a 57 with that.