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'53 "Starlighter" at Russo and Steele Auction

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    Originally posted by BeeJay View Post
    Don't mean to disparage those who chose to be purists. I bought my first '53 Commander in '55. Drove it everywhere. But then parts were available with ease. If you are on the road today and lose a fuel pump, where do you get one? Dist cap? Even a rotor? All things mechanical have the ability to fail, usually at the most inconvenient times. Parts for my SBC can even be found at the drug store. Yes, there used to be a CVS in my neighborhood that had an auto parts dept at the rear of the store!
    I have noted your comments and now decided to reply. I have owned both stock and modified Studebakers. Aren't you the guy that was stranded far from home in the not too distant past when one of the non-Studebaker parts of your car failed (front suspension IIRC)?
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

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      After seeing the other comments, I had to post another to clear the air.
      I think this is a very nicely done car, and looks gorgeous. I just personally am not a Chevy fan, and have to point out "TO EACH HIS OWN". Maybe some people do not like certain things on my cars, but hopefully respect this is what I wanted.
      Again, very nice car and what "HE" wanted!