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How much pressure?

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  • How much pressure?

    I don't have a machine shop close to Uvalde that knows how to press an axle bearing back on. How much pressure should it take? Can a person use a pipe an drive it on snugly?

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    its an unknown

    If all goes well, a press with a PSI gauge should press it off below 500. When it does, be sure the axle does not hit the floor and hurt anything on its rebound. SOme of these things can be stubborn, I have heard some ugly tales. Once its comes off be sure to look carefully for cracks in the axle. Have the shop do a die test. A high miles axle will develop cracks flush with the edge of the inner part of the bearing.


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      If you are referring to a tapered axle bearing you can drive it on with a pipe or use a brass drift. Even a flange axle can be done the same way just a little more difficult.