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If cars could be moody and say leave me alone

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  • If cars could be moody and say leave me alone
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    Don't forget this is 54 thinking & back in the day would have been considered "sharp".Not my cup of tea but I can appreciate all the work put into this one.


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      Actually, I kind of like this thing. However the continental kit is not to my taste. nor is the brown color. I would guess that the body work was done with lead. As kmul221 said, this would have been a real hit in 1954, all the period correct stuff is there. I find it very interesting how many old hot rods and customs seem to be surfacing lately, I mean high quality cars that were magazine features and show winners,.
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        I bet in its day that car was a real head turner. I am not a custom guy, but this one is tasteful enough to almost be a production car. But...I don't want it.
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          That is a pretty high quality custom, alright. I actually like the front end treatment better than the stock Packard grille, and the Continental kit is not all out of line on a car of that caliber.

          If I could get it for the opening bid, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but I suspect it will go high. There's only one of it, and it's magazine car, and an attractive one at that.And the Olds Rocket engine probably has the 4- speed Hydramatic behind it, which means it could be pretty good on gas for beast of its size.
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            That Nash grille looks as good as any eggcrate grille on a Ferrari.
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              That is pretty darn cool! I think it would look better in it's original white though, instead of brown.
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                I imagine that it was built from a Packard that was in an accident and got its front end crushed. It is too old to be a Studebaker-Packard Packard. It is only two counties from me (where Bondo is). I do not plan on bidding on it.
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                  I was thinking - it took a lot of nads to put the torch and spoon to an essentially new Packard! The wreck theory sounds right. Yeah, this would've been stylin' back in the day.

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                    What a cool car!
                    Pat Dilling
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                      First thing I saw the headlights I thought: Kaiser. Did I get that right?
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                        Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
                        First thing I saw the headlights I thought: Kaiser. Did I get that right?
                        I thought the same thing but I believe they are Buick.
                        Gary Sanders
                        Nixa, MO


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                          Is it really 40 feet long, or is that an optical dillusion ?