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    I guess them Aussies know how to fix up a Studebaker . What do you think ? .
    And was that RHD system made at the Studebaker factory in the USA or fitted that way once arriving at there overseas destination by others ?. . hmmmmmmmm .

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    If you have ever looked in a Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog you know the answer to that question!
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      The factory made cars in both Left and Right control, most exported cars were completely knocked down for local assembly and content.
      In my case, my 1962 Lark Regal came as Body/Frame Axles Engine/Gearbox and Dashboard/ Steering Wheel, the Interior Trim, Ty(i)res, Brakes/Heaters were locally supplied.

      It makes me wonder about the "Originality" information being collated by use of Judges. If Rich bought an Aussie assembled car, it would be different to what left the US Factory.

      My Lark has through the floor pedals, I believe the US cars in 1962 had hanging pedals.

      RHC cars were available for US delivery to Mail Delivery drivers as well.
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