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  • '55 front seat bottom

    Today's project was to try to get some more upholstery done on the '55... got the last seat back done and moved onto the last piece, the front seat bottom. Got the old cover off, padding looks OK, but upon inspecting the underside two of the rods that tie the springs together are broken, under where the driver sits (not surprising.) Sooo...

    can these be welded? I was going to do it anyway but couldn't because there was a problem with JP's MIG welder, but I'm wondering how long such a repair would last. But if that is a viable repair I will just get a new gas regulator and go from there.

    If that is a bad idea, does anyone have a good '55 C-K front seat bottom? Preferably within a couple hours' drive of NoVA? I don't care about padding or upholstery, just the metal itself.

    Can those rods be replaced? Initially I thought that might be an option, but after looking closer, it appears to be somewhat difficult. But if they could be, someone could just send me two from a junk seat (probably the pass side would still be OK...)


    55 Commander Starlight