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    Originally posted by 55 prez View Post
    I didn't know that Mike still owned the restaurant. He was a very good auctioneer at one of our national meets besides being an SDC director. I'm feeling a road trip coming up.
    He owned it last that I knew. Since it is still Studebaker oriented,I assumed that he still owns it.
    He was real easy to deal with. I sent him a copy of an ad for the Studebaker items that I had for sale in the Hudson Valley Chapter's newsletter; "Stratoline News". As soon as he received it, he notified me that he wanted everything and his wife sent a check that day.
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      Originally posted by aarrggh View Post
      Why are they bringin a chicken to the restaurant ?
      Gotta get the eggs to make the batter somewhere.
      Working on old cars separates the men from the golfers.


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        Nice shirt-- I like it!!!

        It reminds me of the '37 CE that the Studebaker National Museum has. Why you might ask?
        Because that one was found IN a chicken coop way back when. (in the mid '80s)
        Around here it was known as the 'Chicken Coop Express'...
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