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    Don't change that paint any time soon. It's too cool now. Plus, I haven't got a photo of that '52 yet...

    I keep getting asked when I'm going to paint my Lark. I usually reply that I bought that Lark because it was scruffy; I actually passed up a much nicer one virtually the same colour because it was too nice. I did mention to the mechanic who was prepping the Lark for storage a couple weeks ago that I was mulling painting it eventually; he said..don't! He thinks it looks great as it is. It'll be a while before I have money for a repaint anyway. Someday, though, I do hope to return the car to a semblance of its original metallic blue hue.

    Some of the pix in this thread could be TW covers; keep 'em coming...



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      Here are the two '52s I actually own...they're not 1:1 scale, of course...

      1:43 Brooklin diecast Starlight

      1:24/25 "remote control" Starlight, same basic model as the friction dealer promo

      The promo-style model among friends...59 Lark HT promo and 53 "kustom"



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        Here's my good friend Leaonard Sheppard's 52 with the trademark primed fender (kind of like Michael Jackson's one sequined glove<G>) at SB in '07:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Laptop 645.jpg
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        Waiting to head out for the parade:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Laptop 647.jpg
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        On the track at the Proving Grounds (my nepew Evyn is waving):
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Laptop 802.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Laptop 806.jpg
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        Hope you're doing better, buddy
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          Originally posted by Steve T View Post
          Keep 'em coming.

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            When i went out and bought my 55 Conestoga i wouldnt even look at Larks and many other Studebakers, funny how this forum can change your mind about cars. I now have a 64 commander and would buy a 52 in a heartbeat, the 47 to 49s are also growing on me. Guess it just takes a very nice version of a different model to change your mind.
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              This is a great thread. I love '52's and remember the green example of my grandfather. Keep these great pictures coming, I love 'em.
              Joe Roberts
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              '65 Cruiser
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                Originally posted by clonelark View Post
                They made trucks too <G>

                Very nice!


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                  When are you going to do the same for 50's ?


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                    Nice thread! Been too busy to post much or work on the website - but here's a link to my 52 hardtop registry page...


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                      Steve P--

                      Well, the iconic '50-51 bulletnose cars get much more "love" than the '52s (or even the '47-49 pre-bullet Exner cars). A burst of posts involving '52s prompted me to try starting a photo thread about them, which has worked in spades!

                      As you can guess, I could probably fill a lengthy photo thread on the subject of '50s all by myself... :-)

                      Steve T


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                        BTW, who cooked up that idea of putting '53 grille bars into the '52 grille? Brilliant! Stude ought to have done that on the top-trim '52 Commander Starliner to preview the '53 look, and use that as their Centennial car...



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                          I think I just overdosed on '52 Studes. Those Starliner Hardtops are absolutely gorgeous!!!

                          '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
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                            Originally posted by Sdude View Post
                            The one on the right belongs to Karel Staple Chapter member Lou Van Anne of Stockton. IIRC, he got it from a little old lady in San Francisco that only drove it to church on sundays.
                            He must have owned this car for 30 or more years! It still looked just as good in Glendale as it did in South Bend in '83!! I bet its wearing its original tires in this pic.



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                              SPEAKING OF '52s...

                              A while back, my wife and I were at an old car auction in NYC. There were more ‘50s cars than I had seen since the actual ‘50s. Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, Hudsons and on and on. I just frankly couldn’t believe my eyes.

                              My wife went around, chatting with the other wives, while I walked around that treasure trove of cars, amazed at their variety and condition, Then I spotted a blue ’52 Land Cruiser, almost the same color as the one my parents bought in December of ’52. And in almost as pristine condition. And wonder of wonders, it even had an external SUN SHADE like theirs.

                              As I perused it, almost drooling over it, the owner walked up and we began chatting. He was an old codger (even older than I!) It seems that he had bought the car new but had recently had some physical problems which cause financial problems so he was selling it. But not just to ANYBODY…he kept stressing that the price wasn’t as important as selling it to someone who would take care of it and drive it—not part it out.

                              HA! Part out THAT beautiful car? “Hey, if I had that car, I’d drive it every day, wash it every day, grease it and change the oil every day,” I joked.

                              “Oh, would you now?”

                              “Well, maybe not EVERY day…but it would be taken care of like the gem it is. My folks had one almost exactly like this in ’52. Had been a dealer demo with just about every doo-dad in the book. ‘Member those “curb feelers”? Rubbed against the curb if you got too close, so you wouldn’t scuff the whitewalls? Had a set on each end. I guess they thot you might BACK into a curb, so they had you covered, either end.”

                              “Yep, I got a couple sets of those in the trunk. Along with the fog lights. I just couldn’t bring myself to drill holes in the grille to mount ‘em. But I got ‘em! And some of those chrome 'fins' for the rear fenders.”

                              “Man, is there anything you DON’T have for this car?”

                              “Not much. I don’t have one of those old cigarette lighters like the ‘50s had, you put your cigarette into it and it lights it for you. I don’t smoke, so I never used the ash tray and never let anyone else smoke in the car.”

                              “Man! You are one in a zillion. I’m afraid to ask the price.”

                              “Don’t be afraid. If I sell it before the auction starts, I don’t have to pay the selling fee.”

                              “OK. Lemme sit down here. What do you want for it?”

                              “Well, as I said, if I sell it right now, I’d save money.”

                              “Yes. So tell me.”

                              “Yes! Yes! How much?”

                              “OK.” He sat for a moment, arms across his chest, deep in thought. He said nothing. Just sat. When I finally looked closely, I saw an actual tear in the corner of one eye. I said nothing.

                              “Would $200 be too much?”

                              “Two hundred dollars? Did I hear you right?” I was dumbfounded.

                              “Do you think it’s too much?”

                              “NO NO!! Do you really mean TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?”

                              “Yes, if it isn’t too much.”

                              “NO! Here!” I wasn’t worried about what my wife might say. I wasn’t worried about getting it home to San Antonio. Man! I wasn’t worried about anything except not tearing my underwear, getting my money out of my pocket. I almost broke my arm.

                              We signed the papers, he gave me the 4 brass keys and I hurried to tell my wife of the bargain I had just made.

                              “It talked to me,” I explained. “I just couldn’t turn it down when it talked to me.”

                              “Talked to you? Who talked to you?” My wife was shaking my arm. “Wake up. What are you talking about?”

                              I looked around. It was dark but I could still see the little lights in the clock, the TV, the computer. I was at home in bed.

                              I shook my head, turned to my wife and said, “You’ll NEVER believe the dream I just had….”

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                                Nice one Johnny...