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  • Tidbit From Another Forum....

    Somehow, the other forums don't seem as 'homey' as this one
    But the arguing is just the same

    Interesting thread over on the Edmunds Car States forum..
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

    Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)

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    "Mr. Shiftright" is one of us.
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      Somehow, the other forums don't seem as 'homey' as this one
      But the arguing is just the same
      I'd say the SDC forum is a bastion of civility in the internet wilderness. Our disagreements are petty mild and pretty gentlemanly. Most likely, this is due to the age and experience of our membership. The fora with a predominance of younger members can and do often have the equivalent of schoolyard pushing and shoving. One young friend is a Honda tuner and he was called out and called names over which exhaust header made two horsepower more than another.

      Thanks to all who share their experience here while maintain a broader perspective on the hobby and the marque.

      jack vines


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        Originally posted by Anne F. Goodman View Post
        "Mr. Shiftright" is one of us.
        I did not know Mr. Shiftright was "one of us".

        The forum at Edmunds about 'postwar Studebakers' was moved over from a general old car forum at Edmunds because Mr. Shiftright and others got tired of me and one other poster correcting basic facts all the time there! I should say, opinions and flat-out wrong information were frequently presented as fact there.

        I'll leave it at that! (LOL)
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