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  • Champagne Mist Paint

    I have 2 gallons of P6333 Champagne Mist Acrylic Lacquer Paint I bought about 2 years ago that I decided not to use. What are they worth for resale? I now need Super Red now for my R2 Hawk.

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    PPG shows it as P-6315 here:

    Are you sure you want to use Lacquer on your Hawk, it is not nearly as durable as Single Stage Acrylic Enamel, and no where near as good as Base/Clearcoat.

    Are they kidding me? P-6315 PPG Acrylic Lacquer costs $864.00 a Gallon!! Yikes!

    Such a Deal, I could get the PPG Delstar Acrylic Enamel for only: $619.55 a Gal.

    The last I checked locally, Automotive Enamel was a little over $100.00 a Gal. still ridiculous, but not entirely CRAZY!
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      Or just not be so ana...'er...ah... uptight about it. Slap on a fresh coat of Implement Enamel and enjoy driving it for another decade or two without losing any sleep over the occasional chip or scratch.
      But that's just me.
      My '64 still proudly wears the now very weathered paint that was applied by Studebaker employees. Its lasted through 46 years and I trust it will survive another.
      My 48-M still wears the faded remnants of its original factory paint, it has survived 62 years without one wasted worry over its paint, and I expect it will survive another few.
      Both now likely to be still around long, long after I'm planted an pushing up daisies.
      If you enjoy spending weeks of your life a'washing and a'waxing and a'planning for your next 20g paint job, more power to ya.


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        I agree with StudeRich! Lacquer? There are so many better paints that will last longer and hold up to the sun's ultraviolet rays! lacquer will crack and check after some years, even if in a garage most of the time. You're better off with a base coat clear coat, (my opinion even though not original) but will look better and last longer that lacquer. I painted my Avanti with Standox base coat clear coat.
        Personally, i would not put lacquer on anything of mine!

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          check your state laws....Laquer is "illegal" paint here in Mass


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            P-6333 is 1964 Avanti Gold according to Bob Jonestone's site. I had a Gold Avanti when I bought this paint.